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Kings Counsel H. Sri Nissanka

Stamp Bulletin No. 842 Commemorative Issue

April 4th, 2014

Kings Counsel H. Sri Nissanka

First Day Cover

MNH Block of 4


Kings Counsel H.Sri Nissanka who was born of 07th December 1898, departed from us on 26th February 1954. The priceless effort made by him on behalf of the revival of Sri Lanka and the Buddhism, as well as being a pioneer in the path towards the establishment of the preponderant party called Sri Lanka Freedom Party; subsequent to the “Yamuna Mandira” discussion is ever immemorial.

The famous Garumuni walawwa in Balapitiya South is the blessed land where this noble person was born to this world. Sri Nissanka who got his primary education from Ananda College and Royal College in Colombo, was a mastermind and performed with special characteristic with compare to other students. While he was very dedicative for surpassing determination on protecting the country, nation and religion, once he obtained the temporary ordination in Burma followed by deep study about ‘Thripitakaya’ and meditation practices. Then he came to Sri Lanka and got disrobed after explaining the matters before ‘Maha Sanga’, since he came to know that his parents were not well and there was no any other mal child in his family to look after them. Since he showed inherited spirited characteristics, he could enter the University of Oxford in England to graduate with the LLB Degree. He was then the cleverest lawyer in connection with criminal cases. The fluency on the languages of Sinhala, Pali, English, Sanskrit, Hindi and Burmese and the logical eloquence were the significant factors poshed up his path.

He was the one who designed the name, colour and the logo of Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Further he was the creator of the Salgala Monastery and the Nunnery in Biyagama. He is the author of the treatise like ‘Our Ceylon-England History (Ape Lanka Engalantha Ithihasaya) and Ceylon Penal Code (Lanka Danda Neethiya) and the writer and an artist of ‘Heladiva’ and ‘Sankhanadaya’ newspapers as well.

He has played his role as an uncontested member of Urban Counsel in Colombo and a Member of Parliament representing the district of Kurunegala. Number of occasions in which Sri Nissanka participated in various seminars abroad by representing Sri Lanka and brought the credit to Sri Lanka through his orations were countless. During the British imperialism in Sri Lanka, he has been serving as an Army Lieutenant, a member of the Department of Rubber and Board of Appeal and the Chairman of the Committee appointed to advise the Commissioner of Archaeology. Further he was holdings the post of the President in All Ceylon Buddhist Congress too. Kings Counsel H. Sri Nissanka who had built up his life keeping the integrity, self-confidence and unchanged social conduct in precedence, is undoubtedly a real Sri Lankan of the era who is not indebted for his motherland.
* Date of Issue : 04th April, 2014
* Denomination : Rs. 5.00
* Stamp Designer : P. Isuru Chathuranga
* Stamp Size : 30mm * 41mm
* Format : Vertical
* Printing Process : Offset Lithography
* Sheet Composition : 20 stamps per sheet
* Perforation : 13 1/4 * 12 3/4
* Printers : Department of Government Printing, Sri Lanka
* Color : 4 Process Colors
* Paper : 102 gsm security stamp paper
* Gum : PVA
* Quantity Printed : 500,000
* Last Date of Sale : 03rd April, 2015
* Notify Us: Material on this website may inadvertently include technical inaccuracies, mistakes or other errors.
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